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Serialization Equipment

Sivart designs, manufactures, installs and communicates the new serialization modules with the existing PLC’s of the production lines. 

The software traceability unit, starTrace, controls and manages the marking and verification equipment of serialization modules in addition to the labeling equipment bundle, boxes and pallets. Whether they are integrated into existing serialization/traceability automatic lines as semiautomatic systems or manual packaging. 

The hardware equipment (markers, verifiers, readers, printers, label printers) approved by the laboratory will be integrated and connected in its serialization equipment. 

The cases that don’t fulfill the quality print standards of the Data Matrix codes (GS1 standards) and OCR reading of the alphanumeric digits will be expelled from the line and NO recorded in the database of the unit traceability.


Unitary Traceability Grouping and Embedded Manual


Unitary Traceability Automatic Lines